Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Revisiting My Gallery

So many of you emailed me asking about matching my armor sets in my screenshots. I'm a warrior, so I'm very lucky that I can wear most non-class specific armor from cloth to plate. But there's a wonderful variety of clothing and sets in the game, so chances are if you want to dress to impress, you'll be able to collect some gorgeous sets no matter what your class. On my gallery website, if you click on a smaller photo, it will take you to a large image where I list the name of the pet or mount featured, the armor I'm wearing, and the location of the screenshot. If you have any specific questions about something I'm wearing or where to get it, leave a comment! I'll be happy to answer. Leave a comment anyway, I love hearing from you!

I've decided to feature a handful of old screenshots per week on my blog, starting with some of my older gallery images. If I can remember details, I'll talk about how I got the pet or mount, the armor, and how or where I set up the screenshot.

I started collecting pets shortly after I began playing WoW. But when I bought my first trading card game pet "Bananas", he came with a free stack of Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuits. I was so enamored with my baby gorilla (who was quite rare at the time) I decided to find a little outfit to wear when showing him off. That was just over 3 years ago and the rest is history! The Aboriginal Skins were just right, so I decided to capture a screenshot in Stranglethorn Vale with a nice jungle backdrop. I thought I had a nice little collection of pets at the time, so I decided to dress up and pose with each one after feeding it a biscuit.

My next screenshot was of my favorite pet at the time, Peanuts. I chose the Blood Knight set because it reminded me a bit of a circus. I rounded up the set from the auction house over a period of a few days. Waiting for Peanuts to show off his trick was the most complicated part of this shot.

It took me ages to fish up Mr. Pinchy out of the lakes of Terokkar Forest, but when I finally got him I was ready for a screenshot with one of the prettiest armor sets in the game. The Engraved set. I set up a screenshot near the tidepools in Azshara. I love the low-rise leggings and hip belt of this set, not to mention the vibrant colors. 


I had a few of the Boneshredder fur pieces already before I got my Tranquil Mechanical Yeti. As soon as I finished the set, I took this screenshot in the cave in Alterac Valley. 

This pet is a crafted Engineering item.

I would love to know if there's anyone else out there dressing up with or without their special pets or mounts. If so, post a link or send me some of your screenshots! If not, start thinking about it. I'll be holding another giveaway contest in the near future!


  1. Hey Michelle - Boomies here!

    I'd love a website where it was nothing but all the costumes. Where you can see the rare sets, the common stuff, etc. Like there's the football jersey/beach bum stuff that useta be on the coast east of Tanaris?

    Anyway, the site is AWESOME and keep it up!

    (I'm a hat and weapon collector, and in awe of Drrum's collections.)

  2. Boomies! Hi! There's a page on gallery that's devoted exclusively to my armor sets: click on a picture for more detail. Not all of my outfits are pictured on the armor sets page, just the complete matching sets.

    The one hat I wish I had is the Top Hat. I even considered a race change to get one, but the low-level quest reward is only available to lowbies.

  3. I was just going through my card collections and the idea hit me. Do you know what you need now? Your own WoW TCG Card :D Michelle DeRum needs to hit the next trading card set ;) She should be epic for sure!

  4. Hello,
    My name's Rallyc. I discovered your site via Warcraft Pets and have to say I love what you do. It shows real skill and dedication and quite frankly I'm not sure how you managed to stay sane with all the grinding required to complete such a gallery. I'm glad to hear Blizzard took notice and granted you NPC-hood, you deserve it =).