Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Screenshot Contest: Rare Pet Prizes!

Congratulations to all you serious pet collectors on your latest 4.2 achievements and your new pet rewards! Here's hoping the fires of the Midsummer Festival bring luck to those who are still Coilfang-diving for their very own Frigid Frostling - I'm thrilled to announce Ahune finally dropped Ice Chip for me this weekend! I was so excited, I ran straight to the closet for an outfit for my screenshot.

I also have a couple outfits ready for my newest achievement pets screenshots! Time for you all to work on a screenshot of your own! Dig up some slick gear from your footlockers, closets, or the bargain basement at the Auction House... because you can win a rare pet!

Starting at today's patch until Midnight GMT, July 18th, 2011, I am holding a screenshot contest with the top two prizes being loot card pets! The first place winner will get to choose either a Rocket Chicken loot card code or the Bananas rare loot card! Second place will receive the other! Please read the contest rules before submitting an entry. Only one entry per person. Top 5 entries will be posted on my blog and website.

I've heard from lots of you regarding your collections of pets, armor, RP items, etc. What I would love to see in this contest is a single, unretouched, ingame screenshot of you posing in a fitting location, with a favorite non-combat pet, wearing an outfit of some sort (not necessarily matching, but something appropriate). Anything else goes, really! Pet/owner lookalikes, humor, adventure, seasonal, whatever inspires you. Papa Hummel-sized or traditional-sized pets will be judged equally, but please zoom in enough where both you and your pet can be seen clearly while still fitting in the frame. Also, please turn off all name tags and UI unless there's an actual reason your screenshot requires either. You may crop your image, but you must not include elements such as filters, frames, effects, cut/paste, etc. Unretouched only! Check out my old Tips & Tricks page for taking screenshots.

I'm excited to see what everyone submits! I just know there's going to be at least a few collectors that will put me to shame!



  1. You always find the best outfits =)

  2. Hi Drrum,

    I would like to enter this contest but when I click the enter here it will not go to another page to submit my screen shot. I tried using 3 different browsers (chrome, IE, firefox) with the same thing happening. Would I be able to e-mail you my screen shot?

    Thanks so much

  3. Hi Tia! Sorry the email link doesn't work for you. Feel free to email your entry to: michellederum at yahoo dot com

    Let me know if there are any problems!

  4. Hopefully you got my submission! I have only one - well, two good costumes, and I thought I had to have a new rare pet to enter.

    But I see now it's just a screenshot contest!

    I didn't read the tips and tricks; I should've! oh noes, oh well. Next time!

  5. The link didn't work for me so I emailed you my submission through gmail. Hope that's okay.

  6. I'd never tried to do a screenshot before - it was SO difficult to get everything looking good! Just re-emphasising quite how much time and effort you must put into each and every one of your amazing shots! Thank you for taking the time to do them and to then share them with the world!

    Oh - and if I ever do a screenshot again, I need to change OUT of the L2 clothing I'm wearing for the screenshot before starting to quest again and trying to take on L85 elites! I've not died that quickly for a LONG time! :D

    Best wishes
    amber_missy on warcraftpets.com :)

  7. @ Tracy
    While I never did end up attacking mobs in my outfits, I did end up getting 'wtf' reactions for showing up in raids dressed up in one of my outfits still (on purpose). The reactions I got were pretty amusing. They wouldn't let me heal in it tho :(

  8. I'm getting back into guild raiding - I'd taking a couple months off WoW and now am a bit behind the times - and a guildie had offered to take a look at my gear. Well then I got the idea to enter a screenie. His comment 'It appears you have logged out in your nightshirt...'