Monday, October 31, 2011

Fish Story Winners!

I really loved reading everyone's fish stories in the comments. It's always nice to know there are other people out there besides myself who have dedicated so much time to add to their collections. The winners of the Bloat loot cards are:


Congratulations, winners!  Please email me to claim your cards!

A couple of months ago while talking pets with my friend Jen, the subject of Dragonwrath achievement pet, Lil' Tarecgosa, came up. We were both very excited that her guild was working on the achievement. I told her that although I loved my guild (The Basin), sadly the legendary staff was a distant goal for us so I'd be unable to add that pet to my collection for a very long time. The next time we talked, she told me her guild was offering me a membership for a chance to get the pet. I could not believe their generosity! After much soul-searching and discussion with both guilds, I decided to temporarily leave my guild and join Militis Justica. They finished the staff shortly after, and the guild got the pet. It took longer than expected for me to grind my reputation to exalted, but I eventually got there. My favorite new pet, Lil' Tarecgosa, has such special meaning for me. I want to thank Militis Justica for such a generous gift, and The Basin for their understanding of my deep affinity for Warcraft pet collecting.

Over the next several weeks hope to be farming armor pieces for my Lil' Tarecgosa screenshot with my new friends in Militis Justica. 

I've also been having fun putting together other sets in anticipation of the 4.3 transmogrification feature. Thanks once again to my friend Jen, I learned about an amazing new add-on called Mogit. This mod lets you search for armor, sorting by class, material, slot, color, level, etc. With this mod, I was able to find and complete a new set that will likely be my main xmog look. I'm very excited about this add-on. It promises to be invaluable for my armor collection and screenshots!


  1. Oh my gosh, Drrum!! Thank you so much for the opportunity; I can't believe it!

    Up until now, it's been a rather rough day, by way of a headache that simply refuses to go away and a night of pretty poor sleep. And to be honest, this week hasn't been the best, either, thanks to being sick.

    So, I can't tell you how much this drawing has seriously made my day.. my week, month, even my year.

    I've dropped my name in a few loot hats on various sites, over the last couple of years. But, I just never had much luck. Maybe this adorable purple puffer was just waiting for me and it was all a big master plan~. >:3

    I can't thank you enough, Drrum. It's so sweet and generous of you to have this contest in the first place and I'm sure that everyone who had the opportunity really appreciates it.

    I hope that you have the best Halloween, with lots of delicious treats to come your way. And, I'll be e-mailing you asap. Thanks so much again! ^_^

  2. Can you hear that? That's the sound of me kicking myself for forgetting to stop by the blog yesterday! I just sent off my e-mail to you, I apologize for the delay!

    Thank you so much for having this giveaway! I've always been a big fan of your blog and gallery, the time and care you put into your collection is so impressive!

  3. Big grats to the winners! :)

    A big grats as well to MJ and Drrum for the sweet new pet. It was very generous of you all to help Drrum in adding to her collection. I can't wait for the new pic, and I especially can't wait to see you show your new pet in game :) /3cheers

    LucyLui - The Basin