Sunday, August 21, 2011

Loot Card Pet Contest Winners!

I want to let you guys how much I thoroughly enjoy these contests. It's been so much fun reading all your comments and stories about your pet adventures. I plan to hold lots more Loot Card Contests in the future, so please bookmark or follow my blog for return visits!

And now for the winners!

Darren McNeil - Spectral Tiger Cub

Who was randomly chosen from the Lost Key entries.

What pet were you most thrilled to get and why?

Beth Smith - Fool's Gold

Who was randomly chosen from the comments:

I'd always hoped for the Hyacinth Macaw, but I thought it's rarity would put it out of my reach. So I just hoped I'd get lucky like Drrum and find it on the AH for cheap, so I scanned it everyday, sometimes several times a day. 
After Cataclysm came out I saw it was on the AH much more, and saw that it was now a possible drop from any mob in Stranglethorn. I planned on making a worgen to see how I'd like the race, and figured if I'm going to level it up, I might as well go to Stranglethorn and try my luck. So every time I killed something I'd hope I'd get it, closing my eyes while I looted, and probably a few dozen quests in I GOT IT!!! So excited, I mailed it immediately to my main character, learned it and just stood around in Stormwind fishing for complements. After a bit I went back to grinding out quests, still high off my luck. A few dozen more quests, and BAM, another one! I was going to learn it on another character, but couldn't pass up the chance to make a little extra gold, so I put it on the AH.

And Moonlace - Nightsaber Cub

Who was randomly chosen from the comments:

Oh that's difficult to choose...I've been an avid pet collector on all games I play, but I would have to pick my Lashtail Hatchling. I was SO sad when she was stolen from me by Bloodlord Mandokir! The next day I saw her again with those big blue eyes of hers...poor thing was being held hostage! I couldn't just walk away after slaying the Bloodlord...I had to rescue my poor hatchling! Vela hasn't left my side since :)

Congratulations to the winners! 


  1. Congratulations to the winners! :)

  2. Waah! I didn't win!!

    This was a way more credible whine when there were like 30 people in the thread, before it went to 300! Sounds like the word got out that Drrum had the goods (and she does) and the intertubes are flocking to see her. I hope some of the newbies stay around and we get more Drrumness!