Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Latest Pets

I purchased a Guardian Cub yesterday. If you haven't gotten yours yet, you really should! It's a truly adorable pet, with several cute animations including a somersault, sitting up, comical yawn-roars, and my favorite: standing up to swat at a firefly but ending up in a belly-flop on the ground. So delightful!

The Guardian Cub pet matches the Winged Guardian mount, one of my favorite mounts in the game. Whoever at Blizz created these two creatures deserves very high praise. As an animal artist, I can really appreciate the skill and artistry involved. This is level of quality is what keeps me excited about World of Warcraft. Well done, Blizzard!

I'd been using my new favorite add-on (Mogit) to find an armor set for my Guardian screenshots and found Ornate Mithril armor. I remembered I had reshot my old Pet Bombling portrait where I was wearing that set, opting instead for the sunscale set. Ornate Mithril armor was a very good match for my Guardians, but sadly I had vendored it after I took the Bombling screenshot. Then I discovered that the quests to learn those plans were removed from the game, making this armor increasingly difficult to locate. Blacksmiths with the Ornate Mithril set should keep this in mind for the transmogrification process. Luckily, my new friends in Militis Justica came to my rescue, crafting a new set for my screenshots!

Hopefully many of you were lucky enough to attend Blizzcon, or at the very least purchase the live coverage, and were rewarded with the delightfully demented Murkablo! Purchasing Blizzcon is well worth the money, even without the pet reward. But this hot new pet spews fire, belches smoke, blows a giant smoke ring then leaps through it, and even hovers overhead spraying fire down on everything below. My eyebrows got badly singed during this shoot.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Hallow's End and Day of the Dead festivities. My only wish (which I am sure many of you share) is that the Macabre Marionette become a permanent pet. I guess Day of the Dead tradition is to invite the lost to return to the living and celebrate for a day, so I should just enjoy him while I can. It's only fitting. 

Hoping 4.3 goes live soon! I can't do much with such a full inventory!