Thursday, October 23, 2014

Returning After Hiatus

Hi, Friends! I haven't been playing World of Warcraft much. Several months ago I reached critical mass with my inventory, which no longer allowed me to wear new armor or clothing without vendoring some extremely valuable items to make room. I wasn't really able to take my screenshots because I was getting tired of recycling the same outfits.

Without inventory space, it's not possible to do professions, dailies, etc., in order to make money - so that coupled with my armor collecting meant I was perpetually broke, as well. I wasn't really interested in leveling up other toons, so I haven't been playing much at all.

But now that Worlds of Draenor is on the horizon and several new pets have popped up in the lands, I'm back for more adventures! I took some extra time to recently earn my legendary cape as well, since it's being removed from the game. The best part of the pre-patch is that many inventory issues have been solved! With the extra void storage tab, reagents vault, and toy tab, I cleared up a big portion of my packs, so I can start collecting and screenshotting again! Hooray!

One thing I'm not particularly happy about is my new look. Let's just say I've "had some work done". I'll try to keep my complaints succinct, because I think people are growing weary of hearing about it. I spent several days studying at my new face and body, and I've concluded that while the look has improved overall (especially the expressions animations), the human female eyes and mouths could use a tiny bit of tweaking, to give them a less plastic-doll or startled expression.

Here's what I would do if I could tweak the models. I think even these tiny changes would be a vast improvement:

And here's an edit with the most minor tweaks, just to fix her startled expression:

I also hate that my old plate bikinis no longer have cute, round, breast cups on the human female, but are more like long, droopy, bewb-socks. I noticed the horde races still had their cute little cups. QQ :(

Anyhow for my first screenshot back to the game, I decided to do Xu-Fu, with my new legendary cloak. Taken at Temple of the White Tiger:

See you all in World's of Draenor! Good luck catching all the new pets!