Monday, January 14, 2013

Lost Cub Found!

Yuki found!

The Lost Cub Hunt has ended! My adorable Cub, Yuki has been found safe and sound, with her Snowfrolic Fox friend in The Hidden Grove! Thank you to everyone who participated. 

I'd like to start out by saying I've had a huge smile on my face all week. I received hundreds of correct entries for The Lost Cub Hunt, but was overwhelmed by all the wonderful responses that accompanied many of your entries. Your kind comments, and your clever and heartwarming tales, poems, and screenshots of the hunt were such an unexpected delight! I always enjoy my give-away contests, but this one was especially fun for me because of all your positive feedback. It has really encouraged me to hold more give-away contests in the future. I'd like to once again thank for keeping the pet collecting community so well informed, and for featuring my contest in the news.

Edit: The first place Lost Cub Hunt reward Spectral Kitten Loot Card winner is Louice Adler! Congratulations, Louice! Runner-Up and winner of the Nightsaber Cub Loot Card is Schioel of Mal'Ganis! 


  1. I'm so glad to see you've both been reunited. GL to all.

  2. I am happy to hear you took time to read / look at the screenshots since I am part of the people who did that ! :) Can't wait for the results!

  3. I think Yuki looks hungry after all that frolicking around!

  4. I think he looks tired after all that running around with his friend. Time for a nice long nap. :P

  5. Congratulations to the winner and everyone that took the time to show their appreciation to this wonderful collection!

  6. Congrats Louice! Thanks Michelle for running the contest :)

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    1. Thank you for running these contests and for all your work, Michelle! I'm still starstruck by the email notification! o_o I'll be sure to care for the little one once he arrives and spoil him with lots of treats and gifts. <3

      Thank you all!

      /Louice A.

  8. Hey, I lost the contest, but I'm verry curious about how it was made. Maybe I can use it as an event with my guild hehe

    PS: Sorry for my bad english, it's not my natal lenguage.

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